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Take your tax refund on your terms. No waiting, no check cashing fees. Plus sign up to have your refund deposited directly onto your card!

NetSpend Acceptance.

Use your card anywhere MasterCard Prepaid Cards are accepted and get cash at ATMs worldwide.

NetSpend Security.

Unlike cash, your money is safe if your card is lost or stolen. We'll replace your card and protect you from unauthorized transactions.

NetSpend Value.

Whether you use your card frequently or just occasionally, you're in control and can choose the best value pricing plan for your needs.

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Date of Birth - You must be at least 18 years of age to own the NetSpend Liberty MasterCard Prepaid Card.

Social Security Number - Government regulations mean that you must provide a valid Social Security Number to order the NetSpend Liberty MasterCard Prepaid Card.

Verification Number - Type in the 4 digit number shown in the picture. This "human" check helps prevent fraudulent Card orders and allows us to keep our Card fees low.

Username - You will use this username to log into your NetSpend account online and manage your money. A good username is simple and easy to remember.

Once you have submitted this information and we have approved your request, you should receive your card in the mail within 10 business days.

Order your card in 60 seconds! No credit check.

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